The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan and Anchorman quotes aside, you may have noticed a slight face lift to our website to go along with a new tap room and can releases. 2019 has been a pretty wild ride so far with plenty more in store for the year. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s happened since April 1:

Our first can release was a success!

We teamed up with Something Brewery out of Brighton to create two brut style beers with completely different characteristics – Cape of Good Hop, a double brut IPA brewed with Chernin Blanc grapes and South African hops; and ESP10N4GE, a kettle soured dark brut IPA hopped up with both Galaxy and El Dorado with plums added at the end of fermentation.

Our second location was finished and officially opens today!

We announced our second location, Resolute Brewing Tap & Cellar, back in December and everyone’s been clamoring for an open date so they can get in and finally try some barrel aged beauties from our brew system. Well, back on May 10 we announced the official opening date of May 24, 2019, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to get started on this new chapter of our story!

Our second can release is already here!

Tangential is our take on a delicious beer mimosa. “Blurring the lines between beer and a champagne based cocktail, Tangential is a unique twist on a Mimosa that is in a category of its own. Unlike most brut beers, this is not an IPA. Using the same concept of a dry, effervescent base, we decided to take this style into a whole new direction with the addition of Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and Tangerine puree. This might just make you rethink your favorite Sunday brunch beverage, whether you’r a beer drinker or not!” – Justin Burnsed, Head Brewer.

Despite the heady buzz of all this newness going on, we couldn’t have achieved any of this without the support and enthusiasm of all of our customers, fans, friends, family etc. We do this for every one of you and will continue to push Community, Craft and Culture in all our endeavors and adventures.

Stay tuned for more news, announcements and the occasional pontification.