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INFINITY GUZZLET: We’re ready to save the universe with beer

Avengers: Infinity War may be just ending its historic theater run with the next installment coming in 2019, but we can’t just sit here idly knowing some evil purple-faced jerk hellbent on destroying half of the universe’s inhabitants is trying to 1-8-7 our favorite heroes. Thanos (aforementioned purple jerk) has a big ol’ gauntlet (metal…

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Beer Pairings for the Summer Concert Season

Concert season never ends for many of us, but summer is the undisputed champion of outdoor concerts. Sure, sure, everyone talks about Red Rocks (which really is an amazing place to experience your favorite bands) but Fiddler’s Green is also an awesome venue with one very distinct advantage: Proximity to us! Hooch Homies, consider RESOLUTE…

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