The Broncos Superbowl was bittersweet for the craft beer community. Our beloved Broncos won their third Superbowl (despite Eli’s baffled look), but as we were sharing in the celebration, Peyton Manning went and said one of the most un-Coloradan things he could…and just one step short of adopting a puppyMonkeBaby.  Since we are a family establishment, there is no need in repeating his exact words.

The craft beer industry instantly saw the opportunity to commentate and offer their opinions of Mr. Manning. Here are some of the better responses:

The-beer-that-shall-not-be-named, on the other hand was elated at the free publicity. Despite many thinking this was product placement at its best, apparently it was Manning’s genuine appreciation of macro-beer that drove him to say such silly things.

Of all the possible retorts, the Brewer’s Association chose one of the classiest ways to respond. The BA collected an eclectic sampling of bottled and canned craft beer. One can only hope that as Manning contemplates retirement, he is doing it over a nice, cold, local, craft beer.

I guess it could be worse…we could be Bills fans.