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Clifton Oertli is a husband, father of three daughters, businessman, and engineer. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Finance. As partner in a consulting engineering firm, Clifton’s day job provides him a rare opportunity to travel internationally and experience remote corners of the world. Extended trips dodging bullets and Ebola in Africa are constant reminders of what is important in life, family and friends.

Why Resolute?

Clifton was raised in a Hungarian home, where good food and good drinks were at the center of all gatherings. At these gatherings, families and friends would spend hours talking, laughing, and living life together. For Clifton, Resolute Brewing Co. is about creating a community of neighbors, friends, and families enjoying life and all that Colorado beer can offer.

Brewery Shoutout:

To Golden City Brewery, Golden’s SECOND Largest Brewery. The first brewery to challenge what I knew about my beer palate.