Community Taproom Furniture Future


Imagine this… it is 100 years from now and craft beer reigns. Budweiser and Coors are out of business and Resolute is a vibrant community fixture.  The year is 2116 and you see your great grandson is sitting in the Resolute Taproom. He is reminiscing with his friends about your heroism and bravery for supporting local craft beer and fighting the now out-of-business Coors and Budweiser behemoths. His friends are mesmerized by how progressive and advanced your views were 100 years ago and compare you to history’s greats like Lincoln, Ghandi, JFK, and Colonel Sanders.

…and all this is occurring sitting on the very chairs you and your family so wisely invested in on May 20, 2016.

If you haven’t yet heard of Resolute’s Community Furniture program, here is your chance.  For a limited time Resolute families, friends, community members, local business, and neighbors will have the opportunity to laser engrave their namesake into a piece of furniture forever!  Alongside the engraving, and depending on your purchase, a myriad of awesome perks are included such as:

  • Mug Club Membership
  • Private Soft Opening Party Invitation
  • $$$ Bar Tab
  • Shirts
  • Hats

This morning we sold our second-to-last table and two more chairs!  Only one table remains and approximately 2/3 of the 90 chairs!

Do not miss this rare opportunity to secure your place in history and be talked about 100 years from today! Furniture purchases can be made on Resolute’s dedicated community furniture webpage

Construction Update

Since our last update, Howell has made significant progress inside the building.  We began with demolition of the existing tenant finishes, removing most of the old concrete slab (so we can slope our floors), and installation of sub-grade plumbing.  Here are a few highlights from that phase of construction which occurred in early May.

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[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Finding the Sewer”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Resolute Trench Drain”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Resolute Trench Drain”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Resolute Plumbing”]

Next it was time to pour concrete, erect walls, and run above-grade plumbing and electrical.  The progress on these items was staggeringly fast!  As of today, the drywall is mostly hung and most remaining action items are geared toward finishes.  There were no fewer than fifteen men working at a breakneck pace during this morning’s weekly construction meeting. Here are a few photos taken earlier in the week, including an explosion proof light fixture that looks no different than the fixtures your great grandson was sitting under in your vision 100 years from now…

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[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Resolute Bar Framing Front”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Resolute Bar Framing Back”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”First Beer on Resolute’s Bar”]
[simple_slide img=”” alt=”Explosion-Proof Light…BOOOOM”]

TTB & City Permit Updates

We are still awaiting final approval from the City of Centennial on our patio design.  Our hope is to receive the go-ahead next week pending a favorable Rev 2 submission earlier this month.  Once this permit is in hand, Resolute’s patio will being to come to life!


Our TTB application has been reviewed and minor comments noted.  As of the middle of this week, Resolute has addressed all comments from the TTB.  The final hurdle is to receive approval from our TTB reviewer’s manager.  There is no indication on how long this will take, but our team is hopeful!