Your Resolute team has been at it again!  This week’s update is nothing short of amazing for a number of reasons.  Most of all, I feel blessed to be around such a passionate and hardworking team that is willing to give everything to make Resolute and the community concept a success!

Below is a summary of what we were able to accomplish this week.

TTB Update

The TTB is the 400lb gorilla in the room.  At this time, there are no updates on the progress of the application.  From our discussion with other breweries opening in the area, we can expect approximately the published duration of 140 to 160 days from submission.

State Licensing

Two of our team members met with the State of Colorado to review our license and permitting application.  The meeting went exceedingly smooth.  Not to mention that we were told Resolute’s application packet was one of the most thorough and organized they had ever seen from a brewery!  We expect smooth sailing from the state of CO moving forward.

Resolute State of CO Permitting

City Permitting & Construction

The City of Centennial submitting comments on our construction package last week.  Our team took this week to review the comments and amend the construction documents accordingly.  The first revision of construction documents were submitted Friday.  Given the rather minor nature of the comments, we expect little-to-no additional revisions.  The final round of construction bids and scope will be reviewed next week, and demo will start pending approval from the City!

Taproom Furniture

One of the most difficult decisions to date has been who we will partner with to provide the taproom furniture.  We spent all of Friday talking with two local artisan craftsmen, and honestly would have been happy with either.  However, we have made the decision to move forward with AND Collaborative.  Kraig and Kristen are extremely talented and have developed a number of mock-ups our team fell in love with almost immediately.  Below is an example of what Resolute’s furniture might look like!

Resolute Furniture by And Collaborative

Taproom Manager

Wow!  Within a few weeks our team has received dozens of applications from around the country inquiring about the Taproom Manager position.  Today was our first round of interviews, and we were blown away by the caliber of the applicants.  It is already apparent this will be an extremely difficult decision for our team to make!


The first round of shirts and stickers have been ordered.  Glassware, coasters, hats, and other promotional items are being designed as we speak!  Mock ups of just one shirt can be seen below.

Resolute Shirt Red