We promise…this is definitely one blog post you want to read with the words “Politics” and “Trump” in the headline!

As you may have seen on the social channels, on July 14 Resolute Brewing Company officially received a Brewer’s Notice from the TTB.  For 174 days our team was focused on regular phone calls, incessant emails, and continual follow-up on this ever-so-important piece of paper.  For those of you integral in finally getting this permit pushed through, you know who you are, we are deeply grateful and indebted to you for your help!

The headline is half tongue-in-cheek, but we are serious!  With engineering, design, construction, and permits in the rear-view mirror, we can now focus on what we set out to do nearly 2 years ago…brew some kick-ass beer and create a fun and inviting space for the nearby community to congregate.
[testimonial author=”Zac Rissmiller” description=”Head Brewer”] Today was the best brew day I’ve had since I left engineering to be a brewer! [/testimonial]

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Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty to do…but this is the fun part!  Zac is on an 8-day-straight brewing bender, focusing on creating the liquid perfection you all can enjoy starting next month.  Jamie is interviewing and hiring wait staff, coordinating taproom events, scheduling food trucks, and preparing for the opening festivities.  Andrew is preparing for upcoming beer festivals, meeting community leaders, selling our first keg accounts, and putting Resolute’s wholesaler license to use by finding a delicious gluten-free beer option for our gluten sensitive customers.

The next few weeks will be packed with announcements including opening date, food trucks, taproom events, promotions, gluten-free options, and opportunities to give back to our community…so hold on tight and get ready to Be Resolute!