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Today is Friday, just one week after Resolute opened its doors for the first time to the public.  With the opening festivities in the rear-view mirror, we wanted to reflect with our loyal readers the amazing whirlwind of events!

Have you ever seen a happier and more excited group (pictured above)?  This is what we call “the calm before the storm”.  Not but a few hours later, these unsuspecting bundles of joy were absolutely blown away by the Centennial people’s resolve for community, craft, and culture.  Despite nearly running out of glassware and standing-room-only occupancy, the one thing that never changed was the smile on our faces!

11AM: Doors Open

It’s Friday afternoon, right? Most people have jobs, right?  It’s not even noon, right?  Could’a fooled us!  Not but a few hours after opening the parking lot was full and our taproom/patio looked like this!  Bonus points if you can find a Hooch Homie excited to be bussing glasses.

2016-08-18 18.07.48-2

Family Resolute

The weekend following opening was very encouraging to me, a father of three young girls.  With the bustle of opening day over, neighbors, friends and families from nearby neighborhoods were able to join us for a few relaxing daytime beers, delicious food, and gorgeous sunshine.  Kids were playing in the grass, dogs were lounging on the patio, and the taproom was bustling.  We were thrilled to finally meet some of the folks from Hunters Hill, Willow Creek, and surrounding neighbors who took time out of a blustery winter night earlier this year when Centennial was evaluating our zoning.

If You Brew It, They Will Come

You would think that with construction complete and the taproom humming, we would be resting on our laurels…nothing could be further from the truth.  You all have been drinking a phenomenal amount of our carefully crafted beer!  As a result, we are feverishly brewing on a nearly daily basis to keep up with demand.  We are continuing to increase our offering and fill out our 20 taps.  To commemorate this effort, we tapped our Double IPA today!  Hurry down and give her a try…this 8.25 ABV, 120 IBU, hop-sational brew won’t last long!