It was a balmy winter morning in late February when I first sat down to interview with the Resolute Brewing Company brass. I prepared diligently for the interview all week, and even more so that morning by reviewing mock questions, studying company bios online, ironing my shirt, and re-tying a shoddy single Windsor knot via YouTube instructional videos a countless number of times.

All that song and dance was for naught though, as I noticed I was rocking a black belt with brown shoes as I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot. How did I miss this? They won’t notice, right?

Regardless of the fashion faux pas, the interrogation/interview went off without a hitch, and I was eventually offered the position. I’m still a little upset they didn’t offer to buy me a coffee, but that’s a different matter. Looking back, one question that has stuck with me since that day was from co-owner Grayson:

“What does Day 1, Day 30, and Day 90 look like to you working with this company?”

My reply was something along the lines of, “Day 1: I’m rolling up my sleeves, jumping in and getting down to business while learning my role. Day 30: We are gelling as a team, understanding and utilizing each other’s strengths and assisting in areas that need improvement. Day 90: We’ve become a family, a well-oiled machine. We are working together day-in and day-out to improve the business. By this time we are fighting, laughing, joking, and kicking ass blah, blah, blah, blah!”

Three hundred and eighty seven days in, this ad-libbed reply couldn’t be any more accurate. Our team has laughed, cried, bled (literally), fought and celebrated through trials, tribulations, and growing pains. We’ve pulled laborious all-nighters that rolled into tedious early morning meetings. Obstacles have emerged, and through collaboration and understanding of our strengths, we’ve overcome them. Overall, this last year has been an insane roller-coaster ride, and it’s all thanks to YOU, our awesome patrons who continue to enjoy our beer and culture! You all continue to contribute to the World’s best list of good problems including: Can we make enough beer? Is there enough parking for the taproom? How can we make the patio more enjoyable? And so on…

Oh, that belt/shoe combo, they definitely noticed. In the beer industry you don’t play dress up too often, so I guess they cut me a break.

Nevertheless, we know it’s been a solid 10 months since our last blog post, but you get the picture. We’ve been INSANELY BUSY! Here’s a quick rundown of what we might have blogged about if we had the time:

November 2016

Resolute Hefeweizen takes home gold, Resolute American Pale Ale takes home Bronze from All-Colorado Beer Festival, our first major award!

Resolute Vanilla Chai Brown is released, stirring our customers into a frenzy! Will this delicious concoction make its triumphant return this fall? Stay tuned, folks.

February 2017

The Resolute delivery vehicle aka “The Jerk” blows up on I-25, prompting the purchase of our new-to-us Resolute wagon and the idea of finding a distribution partner is born.

March 2017

Thanks to YOU, Westword and 303 Magazine award us Best New Brewery and Best New Brewery Taproom among an amazing class of new breweries around Colorado. Many high-fives were distributed, and numerous dance parties were had. Head Brewer Zac Rissmiller’s fabled “Dad Dance” made its glorious return.

Resolute goes on a storied underdog run in The Pint Room’s March Madness Brewery Bracket Challenge to take home the championship title! Truly a Cinderella story for the ages, the month long single elimination keg racing format featured several matchups that went down to the very last pint. We look forward to defending the title in March 2018!

April 2017

Resolute and Colorado Craft Distributors begin their partnership on April 1st, bringing more Resolute beer to tap locations across the Front Range!

Alongside 21 other outstanding breweries, Resolute teams up with Habitat For Humanity- Denver for “The House That Beer Built” program. Over the course of the Summer/Fall 2017, this  ensemble will fundraise and build a house in Sheridan, CO for an amazing family!

May 2017

Matty Georgen is officially promoted from Intern Assistant Brewer to Assistant Brewer/Cellar Technician, and we are all lucky to have him in the back of house making delicious beer alongside Zac!

Along with Matty G’s official promotion, we added 2 booze raptors to the herd -Nico Cervantes and Cecily Baumer, both solid additions to our taproom!

June 2017

A storage shed, a space-age keg washer, two monster 30 barrel fermenters, and five stacked brite tanks are all added to our back of house, making it possible for us to bring you as much delicious craft beer as possible!

Present Day

Planning for our one-year anniversary party is well under way. We’ve obtained a permit from LED to temporarily extend our liquor license into our northerly neighbor FAST Enterprises’ parking lot! Set for Saturday 8/19, the day will kick off at 11am with our first ever – which is a delectably dangerous Belgian Dark Strong brewed with peaches!

A limited amount of 22oz bombers will be for sale in the taproom when we open our doors at 11am. Our anniversary glass will also be for sale, as package deals will be available. There will be NO LIMIT to purchases, so arrive early to ensure you get a bottle or three. While they are ready to be enjoyed now, this beer will age beautifully if cellared in proper conditions. We will also safely store the bottles for you if you plan to stick around and celebrate our name day with us.

As for the parking lot party, we are pulling all the stops to make this an outstanding occasion:

  • Adult Big Wheel/Trike Race Course (as seen on Ellen).
  • Pig Roast by Ol’ Skool Que food truck.
  • Live Music All Day headlined by 5 pieces bluegrass band Timber! from Boulder, CO.
  • Special releases throughout the day.
  • A large beer tent and Resolute’s very own custom-built beer trailor!
  • Life-Sized Cornhole.
  • Community Partners including The Rebels Project/Phoenix 999, Beer Fight Club, and Shirts on Tap will be set up providing information about their causes and companies.
  • And more!