Beers to go and new tap room capacities amid COVID-19

We’re experiencing very strange times, friends, but we are in this together.

With the recent news from Mayor Hancock of Denver and announcements from the White House, we are going to implement a maximum of 10 people in our tap rooms starting today, March 16, 2020. One of the biggest bummers here is we’re rescheduling all tap room events coming up in the next several weeks.

We highly encourage patrons to come and buy beer to go. We’re stocked up on buy two get one crowlers, to go along with our six and four packs of select 16, 12 and 8oz canned beers.

This has been an incredibly difficult decision discussed thoroughly by ownership and management. We are trying to take the safety and livelihood of our employees and customers into consideration, and this was the best decision we could make given the circumstances.

We still stand by our mantra of practicing safe health practices. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve, wash your hands vigorously and often, and any person who feels sick should stay home and partake in social distancing until this all clears up.

Once everything settles, we WILL get our events back in full swing, we WILL have beer to enjoy and we WILL be NOTHING SHORT OF ECSTATIC to get back into our usual swing of things. Party time will return, friends, so stay safe and help out whomever you safely can in the meantime.

The Resolute Team