Construction begins with DEMO

All of Resolute’s researching, planning, budgeting, and hard work has finally manifested itself in some “real” work.  After a productive kickoff meeting and with construction permits in hand, Howell Construction has begun demo of the interior. Resolute is thrilled to have Roger, Jeremy, Collin, and Chris from Howell kicking a$$ and delivering on all the budget and scope changes up to this point.  Ongoing brewery updates will focus heavily on the construction progress, so stay tuned!

Resolute Construction Drawings

Custom Furniture Sales

The last few weeks we have been hinting at upcoming opportunity to own a piece of Resolute’s taproom.  Purchasing a table or chair in the taproom entitles the owner to have their name engraved on the furniture, receive an invitation to the private soft opening party, free SWAG, and even a bar tab for some products.  In a small private release to Resolute friends and family, over 15% of the furniture has already been claimed!  When we announce this opportunity publicly, make sure to hurry before someone takes your chair!

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While Resolute awaits its permanent sign, our COMING SOON sign will have to do the trick.  There are no more secrets here in Centennial…our location is final and we have the permanent temporary sign to show it.

Resolute Coming Soon Sign

Licensing and Permits

State of Colorado Liquor licenses are in-hand.  So are interior building permits.  Within the next week or so, exterior building permits should be approved.  Then it will be hurry-up-and-wait for the TTB!

Resolute Colorado Liquor License

The Madness

March (and April) were nothing short of exhilarating in the NCAA.  Congrats to our three winners in Resoulte’s March Madness bracket.  Matt will be in contact with you soon to distribute your prizes!

Resolute March Madness Results