Another week in the books for the Resolute team, and the Resolute brewing progress update is here again to keep our loyal fans up to date with the latest news.  Between the early mornings, the late nights, and the “market research” (a euphemism for drinking beer), our veins are filled with a combination of hops, caffeine and a paltry amount of blood…

TTB, Colorado, Centennial, South Metro Fire, Southgate, SEMSWA….

Each of the entities listed above are in some way or another involved in permitting the build-out and operation of our brewery.  We are still waiting patiently for TTB approval, and have no reason to expect our time will vary from the published average times.  The state of CO application has been submitted and should be approved shortly.

The city of Centennial Building Department and South Metro Fire Department have our updated building plans and approval is imminent.  Southgate and SEMSWA will receive our site plan submittal and brewing SOP’s for approval today, Friday.  Our team has worked closely alongside each of these agencies and expect smooth sailing…well as smooth government permitting can go…


Our team met with our contractor, Howell Construction, today to review the final construction estimate and schedule.  There are a few more details to be ironed out, but our team and Howell are extremely confident the numbers and schedule moving forward.  At this point, construction will complete well ahead of TTB approval.


Stickers, shirts, and business cards have been printed!  Glassware, hats, and coasters are on the agenda in the next few weeks.  All of the team members will be carrying stickers around, so ask and you can be the proud owner of a Resolute sticker.  My beer fridge is now complete.

Point of Sale and Credit Card Processing

After selecting a point of sale, our team has been working on arranging a contract with a credit card processor.  The process has been arduous, and a huge learning opportunity.  However, with a little persistence and learning about the processing world, our team has managed to arrange a contract where we will save over $50,000 (or 10,000 taproom pints of beer) in the first 5 years!  It has definitely paid off to #beResolute.

Taproom Manager Interviews

The first round of interviews for taproom manager will be completed as of tomorrow.  Our team will meet to discuss which candidates exemplify the beer knowledge, love for community, and exuberant attitude every taproom should be so lucky to have.  We will say it again and again…we have met and interviewed so many exceptional and qualified candidates.  This will not be an easy decision for our team at all.


Resolute’s store front sign should be coming soon.  We have been working with BSC Signs locally, and have been extremely impressed with their service, design advice, and pricing.  Stay tuned for installation schedule and final design!  Below are the mock-ups from our quote.

Resolute Brewing Storefront Sign Concept