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If you live in a cave, or have another valid reason for not yet hearing…we are proud (and extremely exhausted) to announce Resolute’s Grand Opening will be Friday, August 19 starting at 11am. I Gotz Bratz will be serving food and at least 10 beers will be on tap!  In addition, we (and especially my gluten-free wife) are happy to announce Resolute will be the first brewery to serve Holidaily’s 100% gluten-free Favorite Blonde Ale.

After opening, our business hours will be:

Monday 2-9pm
Tuesday 2-9pm
Wednesday 2-10pm
Thursday 11-10pm
Friday 11-11pm
Saturday 11-11pm
Sunday 11-9pm


Please make sure to check our Event Calendar for food truck details, special events, trivia, and other happenings.  If you don’t want to continue checking our website, are a social media Luddite, or you prefer to receive Resolute News via email, please sign up for our email list to be notified of special events and promotions.  I apologize in advance, but we have suspended our fax and carrier pigeon news service.

What They Don’t Teach You In Books

What a long, strange trip it has been.  Even though our first official meeting was held December 14, 2014, our founders have been dreaming of owning a brewery for nearly a decade. All the financing, planning, construction, and sweat equity has been wonderful; but nothing will compare to finally being able to achieve our dream of serving award-winning beer in the kick-ass community of Centennial.

After talking with dozens of breweries and reading every book, article, blog, and forum, our team realized there were are few secrets to opening a brewery that come from the school of hard knocks.  We would like to share some of them with you…

1. Emergency Room

It is nearly guaranteed that at least one trip to the emergency room will be required in the course of opening.  Said visit to the ER may or may not come as a result of proper or improper use of heavy machinery, personal protective equipment, and beer (purely used for hydration purposes).  After the dust settled, we are proud to announce that no animals (and only one investor) was harmed in the making of Resolute Brewing Company.

2. Strong Partners

In hindsight, we are extremely grateful for the strong partnerships we developed along our journey.  Each of our partners along the way looked at Resolute as more than a “transaction” or “job”, but rather invested real time and effort into making us successful.  Of the most influential (and in chronological order), we would like to publicly recognize:

  • Daniela Cabrerizo with Explora Creative, who helped Resolute define our branding
  • Matthew DeBartolomeis with CBRE, who helped Resolute find our location
  • Bob Koontz with Kelmore Development, landlord extraordinaire
  • Derek H. with the City of Centennial, who advocated for Resolute from Day 1 and helped navigate the permitting process
  • H+L Architecture, who designed Resolute’s taproom and continues to support us through our Community Furniture program
  • Howell Construction, who flawlessly executed on H+L’s design and continues to support us through our Community Furniture program
  • & Collaborative, who h&crafted the chairs, stools, and tables you will enjoy in the taproom

If I forgot anyone, I apologize…4-5 hours of sleep a night for the past few weeks leading up to opening might have something to do with it!

3. Local Community

Resolute Brewing started as a concept to give back to community.  Generosity and community are at the core of Resolute, but we never envisioned how generous and helpful our community would be back toward Resolute.

Prior to beginning construction, the City of Centennial required Resolute to host an open house and meet with concerned citizens in the surrounding neighborhoods.  To be honest, we were uncertain and somewhat concerned as to what we would encounter. Would the room be filled with teetotalers thinking we are serving devil’s juice?  Would no one show up at all?

The night went in a completely different direction than we expected.  Folks from surrounding neighborhoods came not to criticize or question a brewery being planned, but rather to support it! It was at that moment our team knew for a certainty that we had picked the right community and location to call “home”.

4. Political Connections

Politics are not fun.  Especially with the current election friends and families are being split over political differences and arguments.  Wouldn’t it be best if we could all just get along?  That is what Resolute thinks!  As a matter of fact, various politicians from both sides of the isle (both state and federal) were instrumental in assisting our team secure our location in Centennial, and obtaining our TTB from the Feds.  For those of you who helped, you know who you are, and we thank you from the bottom of our growlers!  Without it, our 176 day TTB waiting time could have been weeks or months longer…

5. Family

I have listed family last, but really they should be first.  The Resolute team is blessed to have families who have loved and supported us throughout this journey.  The sacrifice of time and money doesn’t only come from our team members, but also from their families (children, spouses, significant others, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles…). Waking up and leaving the house before the sun is up, and arriving home well after it has set is extremely difficult on families.  We would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to our families who have picked up our slack and allowed us to invest our livelihoods into Resolute!